Alder Spalted
Acacia Black
Beech Stabilized
Beech Spalted Stabilized
Birch Spalted Stabilized
Blackwood African Stabilized
Bacote Stabilized
Box Elder Burl Stabilized
Bubinga Stabilized
Bubinga Natural
Bubinga Curly Stabilized
Bubinga Pomelle Stabilized
Camphor Burl Natural
Canary Wood Stabilized
Chechen Stabilized
Chechen Burl Stabilized
Cherry Stabilized
Cocobolo Natural
Cottonwood Burl Stabilized
Cottonwood Curly Stabilized
Ebony Stabilized
Elm Carpathian Burl Stabilized
Ipe Curly Stabilized
Juniper Stabilized
Kingwood Natural
Mallee Brown Burl Stabilized
Maple Birdseye Stabilized
Maple Burl Spalted Stabilized
Maple Curly Stabilized
Maple Spalted Stabilized
Masur Birch Stabilized
Masur Birch Natural
Mesquite Stabilized
Mulberry Stabilized
Myrtle Curly Oregon Natural
Myrtle Curly Oregon Stabilized
Myrtle Oregon Burl Spalted Stabilized
Myrtle Oregon Burl Stabilized
Myrtle Tasmanian Curly Stabilized
Myrtle Tasmanian Curly Burl Stabilized
Myrtle Tasmanian Stabilized
Maple Burl Stabilized
Maple Curly Natural
Oak Burl Spalted
Oak Stabilized
Olive Russian
Burl  Stabilized
Olive Stabilized
Pink Ivory
Purpleheart Stabilized
Redwood Burl
Rosewood Honduran
Rosewood Indian
Snakewood Stabilized
Spalted Alder
Tambootie Stabilized
Teak Curly
Spalted Stabilized
Tulip Stabilized
Walnut Claro Burl
Walnut English
Wenge Natural
Wenge Stabilized
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type so that you can get a better look at it the general grains etc.
If you still haven't found what you are looking for give us a call we may not have it listed.
Mammoth Ivory - Smooth
Dymondwood - 1 Color
Dymondwood - 2 Color
Dymondwood - 3 Color
Tiger Stripped
Resin Wood
Claro Walnut
Big Leaf Maple Burl
Pecan Spaulted        
Mammoth Ivory - Bark
 Giraffe Leg Bone
Turkish Walnut

Amboyna Burl

Buffalo Horn
Other Materials Available:
Wood Types:
Elk Antler
Choola Cactus