Snake carving around
handle of Don's Knife.
Hand checkered Brazilian
Rosewood Machete Handle
"El Gato" Knife w/ Bone
Handle & Scrimshaw
Carving of  Our
Trademark 2 Feathers &
"El Gato" Engraved on
blade w/ 24k Gold Inlay.
Oosik Custom Knife Handle
w/ Solid Ebony End Cap.
Custom carvings on blade:   
Bear & Creek Indian Head
w/ Head dress.
CSA carving w/ scroll work
on existing knife handle.
Custom Hand Carved Hunting Knife Handle
Handel:  Stag      
End Cap: Giraffe Leg Bone w/ Water Buffalo
Here's a little look at what we can do
just use your imagination and we'll do
the rest.......looking forward to hearing
your ideas........shoot me an email and
we can get make your favorite gun even
more special.
Unit coin in AK stock
Crossed feather
carving w/
Blood wood cap
on 1903
1903 Springfield w/
flared Blood wood
pistol grip.
Just showing its age
needed a little pick
me up
Tomahawk w/ USAF Combat
Control 21st Special Tactical
Squad Carving