A Tribute to Grandpa w/ a new set of Bloodwood
grips & a custom carving of name & life dates.
A nice set of Bacote grips w/ finger grooves,
pictured on left with 24k gold hand jeweled
Styles From " Cowboy to  Crazy "
Derringer w/ custom designed Ebony spider web grips
357 1 piece grip Black Walnut
Cowboy Custom Order
357 cal purple heart grips w/ cougar head
& turquoise button inlay also turquoise
eyes on one grip & cat claw on other side
45 cal. Bloodwood w/ Ace of
spade carving
45 cal. Olive wood grips
Purple Heart custom
fit for customer w/
finger grooves fully
Solid Ebony Bird Head grips
High Polish
Solid Ebony grips w/ double
dice inlay fully grooved
finger grips
Solid Ebony full stimpled
finger grooves w/ double six
dice inlay both sides
A match pair of SAA pistols w/ olive wood grips w/ portrait of owner &
music notes w/ feathers opposite
44 Black Powder w/
scrimshaw CSA w/ olive
Top:  Bear paw footprint
in           stock grip
Bottom: Burled Black
Walnut w/ 1851 3 cent
silver piece Inlay.
44 Mag. Made from lighter
knot (it's a southern thang)
w/ end of 44 mag inlay......
Just something to do..........
Personalized Black Walnut 22 grips  w/ 24k hand jeweled
horse shoe Inlays
Ruger Vaquero spade grip
Micarta Ivory w/
Finger grooves
Military gift gun: Custom ordered for a
retirement gift
Micarta Ivory grips hand carved:
Right: Tribal shield & stimpling
Left: Unit Insignia w/ ODA
Set of Micarta Ivory custom
grips w/ scrimshaw                     
carving of a spy character
English Walnut
Sheep Horn